Urban Hang Suite

A shopping & advice guide that helps black men look good, live well & achieve success.

Urban Hang Suite

UHS Founders

The founders of Urban Hang Suite aspire to the same principles that we espouse on our website: African-American men of professional standing, bringing services and products to the masses that will positively impact the planet. When we dreamt up UHS, we were in hot pursuit of lofty goals:

  1. providing a modern resource guide for men of color
  2. offering positive images of black and brown fathers, sons, and brothers
  3. connecting minority entrepreneurs with their most reliable and devoted customers - other minorities.

We are well acquainted with the struggle from our own professions; Larry as an online marketer (https://twitter.com/larryluv3) and Howard as a lobbyist and political operative (http://twitter.com/iruncampaigns) . Feel free to reach out to us collectively (hangout@urbanhangsuite.com) or individually to offer feedback on the work we're doing, or if you have a product or service Urban Hang Suite should feature. And if you've made it this far, be sure to share us with friends and family on social media.