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Just Us Crewneck


Make a statement without saying a word (especially if you prefer your activism with a side of commerce).

One of the biggest stories of 2015 was the collective power of # BlackLivesMatter. As activists of all stripes raised very real concerns about the dangers of driving/shopping/loitering/existing while black, news outlets and national politicians were quickly put on notice. Headed into the new year, that rallying cry hasn’t lost any of its resonance, and products by the progressive street wear brand PERSONAL ADVISORY™ endeavor to keep the movement alive. Inspired by and Pan Africanism and the golden age of hip hop, the company offers stylish affirmations of black life, including the fan favorite Just Us crewneck. The clever, yet unmistakable message is screen-printed on a pre-washed blend to resist shrinkage, ensuring the wearer can raise a fashionable fist in protest for as long its necessary. At only $45, this is a fashion statement UHS shoppers can’t afford to ignore.