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Starter Home Bundle


Nobody gets excited about buying home goods, until now. Two millennial entrepreneurs saw a gap in the market for well made pieces for the dining room, bathroom and bedroom, and Snowe was born. Cutting the middleman out of homewares, the company specializes in home essentials made from high-quality materials, provided at direct-to-consumer prices. It's luxury quality made attainable (sorta). Snowe offers products in four categories: Eat, Drink, Sleep and Bathe, with prices ranging from $32 to $320. Their products are simple and streamlined by design, but a step up (or four) from Ikea. Whether you’re starting from scratch or starting over, the Starter Home Bundle set ($1600) covers all the basics from bedding to bath to barware. Snowe offers solutions as simple as a wider bed sheet that doesn't come untucked at the sides, or a dish towel with a tie that doubles as an makeshift apron. The kicker? Snowe's ultra-clear glassware includes titanium-reinforced stems that increase resistance to breakage by 140%. All dinnerware items are sourced in Portugal using Limoges porcelain, while all glassware, stainless steel flatware and luxe linens are produced in Italy. Free shipping and returns make this a risk-free investment.